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“A ghost wanders nowadays over Greece. The ghost of the active citizens”…..

CITIZENS who have made sure that our society functions with a solid deficit of democracy, unworthiness, extended corruption and opacity. A society witch destroys every significant initiative that happens not to be taken by the channels of the political and economical authority.

CITIZENS who do not expect from the “invisible hand” of the Market Sector to share among them the social equality and prosperity. Citizens who do not fancy, any more, an effective state, capable to carry out its very dear solid role.

CITIZENS who are tired to base their hopes and dreams upon big words and sweeping visions.

CITIZENS who become every day disappointed in a country that continues to wound them.

CITIZENS who have understood that in our country they don’t select the right choices as well the whole social environment is based on rotten basis foundations

WE are “the unknown” active citizens, 

WHO have established non governmental- non profit Organizations after decided that we have the right for a better life than that they offer us 

WHO support every day the dreams of life of the less privileged people,

WHO create culture in order to find ourselves non obliged to consume it as a mass

WHO protect the environment where we live with our children

WHO desire to remind again the humanistic character of the education and science,

WHO want to live with our fellow-citizens together and not to hang ourselves on them,

WHO intend to give back to our life the signification and the prospect and not just to survive



WE have all noticed that in Greece CIVIL SOCIETY, during its period of development is “ managed” in order to be assimilated by the rotten political and economical structure of the country

Governmental Organizations intend to subdue the Civil Society under the pretext that they try to reinforce it

Plots outside the sphere of the state and certain Fellows, too, try to represent and control it. 

Public Officers stimulate us to promote patronage relations with them for surviving our Organizations economically

We all know, very well, that there are several non-profit, non Governmental Organizations which were established with the one and only purpose to pillage any state and European  Communal financial resources.

All the above mentioned deeply insult all of us, who try for something better, who hope to something new.

Civil Society belongs to all of us and to no one separately… and certainly it doesn’t belong to the State neither to the rules of the market sector

Civil Society’s own will is expressed by itself collectively and non by “shelf-styled” representatives.

So ,

In the country where Democracy was born, let us build upon a new Institution ,

out of political- ideological status, out of the traditional syndicalistic, political-ideological parties, religious institutions and marketing

A New Institution, where Organizations of Civil society will act together, equally and democratically. Which will express all the active ctizens who, indeed, care….. Which aims the creation of an open, just and democratic Society, where every one feel “citizen” and not “obedient”

Moreover, we have to incite, inspire and force other Institutions in order to fulfill their social obligations o constitute a right Institution of justice

Which will create itself  “reactions” for maintaining its independence ,under non obligations as well to reduce the opportunism and the “interventions”

Which will provoke a real social development

Which will cause reactions to the whole spectrum of the social, economical and political life of our Country.

We built up,

The Greek “Parliament of Civil Society”


  • Self-Organizing of the Non-Governmental Organizations, according to democratical procedures
  • Equal participation for all the Non- Governmental Organizations in taking decisions, voting  and demanding
  • Encouraging all the real Non-Governmental Organizations, authority to none of them
  • Self-Regulation and creation of Principles issued by the Governmental Organizations
  • Creations of fertile environment  for our development
  • Independence from the State and Marketing and right competition between us in order to become better and more effective to our aims
  • Voluntary cooperation for bigger achievements and new wins,  for a better society without exclusions      


         For this initiative we don’t intend to ask the permission of anyone for going forward
         For this effort we need the help and the support of the active citizens who are still able to dream

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